Friday, August 1, 2008

Gettin' Cider Leaves the Green Team Seeing Red

The Green Team suffered only their second loss of the season Thursday in a tough loss against the vocal and rainbow-draped Gettin' Cider squad.

“They got in our heads,” sagged interim captain Brow. “We let them get to us and it hurt us.”

Some creative protests by the Rainbow Brites and some adventurous reffing by the game officials left the EnvironMentals miffed.

But a game that most of the Green Team might prefer to forget was not without its bright points.

Game MVP Jen showed some spark on the mound. Everybody got a foot on the ball as well, with a high percentage of baserunners.

Gettin' Cider are the Green Team’s double dip this season, so the EnvironMentals will be looking forward to their second chance on August 28th.

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