Thursday, September 4, 2008

EnvironMentals Rumble Into the Semi-Finals

The Green Team were fast out of the gate as the first five runners scored in the bottom of the first inning of Thursday’s playoff game. Two more in the second and some merciless defense were enough to put the Machine on their heels through the rest of the game.

The first-seed EnvironMentals were more than a match for the Spanking Machine with strong play and team spirit that Captain Eric is hoping will carry the team through to the finals.

“Today was a sign of what we can do when the pressure is on,” he gushed, clearly excited by the 80s cover band. “I think this is the team has what it takes. I’ve seen them put it together on the field and off. When a team gathers together to salute their underpants, you just know you’ve got something special.”

Game MVP Brow was equally excited but, having already had a half a glass of vodka tonic, was unintelligible by the time reporters could corner him at the bar.

The EnvironMentals are pumped for next week’s festivities as they look to close out the season with the championship in their hands. It’s a great time to be a Green Team fan.

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